Automation – Business Organization wants to save effort, time and money

In the IT world, any steps which would save effort, time, money for the customer or internal project is an automation. Many a times resolving a defect would save effort, time, money but this is not an automation. Immediately we would all start thinking about what is defect. I am not here to debate on what is defect and deviate from the topic. Let us come back to automation. So, what is automation? It is a reduction of steps and thereby it reduces the effort and time taken. Did we ever think about drastic automation? What is drastic automation? if the automation would eliminate 100% manual intervention then it is a drastic automation. How do we implement such a drastic automation in the process? First of all, one should understand that every step in the process can be improved, but at the same time after implementing improvements for a step in the process, further new improvement for a step may only yield less result i.e. less savings. So, before getting into implementation of improvement projects, it is important for an organization to list out all the steps in the process and start the exercise of identifying the problem areas at each step and all the possible improvements. For the same problem, you may even have multiple possible improvements which is fine. Record those multiple possible improvements against the problem. Then, come with an estimation of saving in terms of effort, time, money for all the possible improvements. Now, provide the drastic automation ranking for all the improvements of every single problem. Similarly, provide the drastic automation ranking for all the problem considering the estimated saving of effort, time, money. This would help you to shortlist the key drastic automation project, which could bring you a highest savings in terms of effort, time and money. Now, it is time to work on the selected problem and solution. Similarly, every industry does study on the steps followed in their own business processes and keep on improving each and every steps in the business processes. Improvement will not only reduce the cost, it will also increase the revenue. The organization that allocates separate budget for continuous improvement and provides focus on continuous improvement is a growing organization.Continue Reading

Better leadership mindset works wonder for the organization

Whether the Organization is structured or unstructured? is based on the leadership culture of organization. Leadership means not just the CEO’s quality of leadership alone, it is about the quality of all the leaders at different levels. It is critical to have better leaders at all levels for running the business like a well-oiled machine. In most of the organizations, leaders are generally unapproachable and it is because of the old traditional leadership culture. How does this traditional leadership works? Their principle goes by precipitating the issue. They react as if something has fallen from the sky and which in turn makes the entire environment get engulfed in fear. May be this culture worked well in early days. But, for the current generation, this strategy will not work. So, it is the leader who should change and not the employees. First, leaders should become approachable and allow people to interact with them through get-together, emails, social networking, etc. Second, leaders should identify the future leaders and groom them to the core. Lastly, leaders should be an example to their sub-ordinates in all aspects.Continue Reading

Train yourself to face the life in front of you

Life in front of us is always different from what we foresee. Learn new skills as you move forward and it would help you to overcome the challenging circumstances as you come across. Similarly, treat every failure as a lesson, it teach you to refine our thought process. Problem in front of you will always remain the same. It is all about how you look at the problem. When you are prepared to face it, the problem may look like solvable. If you are not prepared to face it, it looks like unsolvable forever. So, it is important for you to utilize the time and learn new skills as we move forward. Continuous improvement is not just a process for a project. It is applicable for everyone for their personal and professional life. Do not expect your organization to push you to learn new skills. It is you who decide your future development and not the organization. Brainstorm yourself to understand the future of your industry and think about where you want to be in that future, and identify the key areas where you need to improve yourself. Individuals who are unable to take decisions on their own should associate themselves with good mentors in their life who can help you to take right decisions as you move forward.Continue Reading

Seamless Enterprise Solutions means Seamless Business Operations

In today’s world, business realized that integrated application makes the life easier in terms of implementation and maintenance than having multiple applications in place. Multiple applications with different technology platform will only lead to have multiple partners or service providers to run the IT applications. More partners will lead to engagement with multiple support centers and ownership remains dark in integration areas and this creates the chaos in management of the IT platform, which in turn would lead to high downtime of application and this impacts the operation of business. Enterprise solutions is the best way to ensure that business to run in a seamless manner. Enterprise Solutions is the efficient management of enterprise’s processes, procedures, controls, technology and people. In today’s business environment, organization needs flexibility to introduce new products or services to market faster. This requirement demands Enterprise Solutions which is well connected with internal stakeholders, partners and customer. To select the right Enterprise Solutions for the business, organization should invest a good amount of effort. In general, maturity of the organization’s business process and their future growth potential defines the business requirements of the Enterprise Solutions. So, it is important for organization to list down the business requirements for each of their department on their own and evaluate the Enterprise Solutions which would meet their business requirements and decide the apt one for their business. As you move forward, a well-connected business processes would help the organization to monitor the business transactions and bring continuous improvements in the business operations.Continue Reading