The future of healthcare is moving towards integrated healthcare solutions and medical device connectivity solutions. This change of dynamics is due to rising demand from consumers such as – approach is shifting from “One size fits all” into “personalized medicines”, focus is shifting from “provider centric” to “consumer centric”, payment for service is shifting from “procedure based” to “outcome based”, objective is shifting from “treating sickness” to “preventing sickness”. Some of the advanced technologies – robotic surgery, 3D printing, implantable devices, and other technology-enabled innovations, etc., are showing potential to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Their focus is to integrate patient information between healthcare IT solutions and medical devices and provide excellent services / care delivery in or near the home through home care, residential care and acute care. Healthcare ecosystem consists of Patients, Clinicians, service providers, and policy makers. To reduce the cost and increase the revenue, core processes must be tightened and healthcare companies understand that it is possible only by adopting large scale IT technologies. Healthcare IT solutions offers automation of workflow throughout healthcare systems and improve performance and efficiency in the services being offered. It also helps insurance providers to efficiently manage in-depth records of claims and reimbursement.

New technologies mean more value for the customers and better margins for companies

Healthcare IT solutions are designed to streamline workflows in the healthcare companies. It is expected to digitize the existing paper-based healthcare systems, ensuring effective care and patient safety. The benefits associated with intensive application of IT technologies includes:

  1. Improved patient safety.
  2. Faster time to cure.
  3. Cost effective healthcare.
  4. Improved customer service.

For the new business approaches, healthcare companies need to implement outstanding monitoring, control and management solutions that uses big data to enable real-time decisions.

  1. a)Healthcare Provider Solutions

    1. Clinical Solutions

      1. Electronic Health/Medical Records
      2. Computerized Physician Order Entry
      3. Patient Engagement Solutions
      4. Care Management Solutions
      5. Healthcare IT Integration Solutions
      6. Healthcare Information Exchange
      7. Clinical Decision Support Systems
      8. Laboratory Information Systems
      9. mHealth Solutions and Apps
      10. Telehealth Solutions

    2. Non-Clinical Solutions

      1. Pharmacy Information Systems
      2. Medication Management Systems
      3. Healthcare Asset Management Systems
      4. Healthcare Patient Management Systems
      5. Workforce Management Systems
      6. Revenue Cycle Management
      7. § Admission Discharge Transfer/Registration
        § Patient Scheduling
        § Patient Billing
        § Claim Management Solutions
      8. Financial Management Systems
      9. Medical Document Management Systems
      10. Population Health Management Solutions
      11. Supply Chain Management
      12. Customer Relationship Management

    b)Healthcare Payer Solutions

    1. Claims Management Solutions
    2. Fraud Management Solutions
    3. Payment Management Solutions

    c) Big Data Analytics

    1. Clinical Analytics
    2. Financial Analytics
    3. Operational and Administrative Analytics
    4. Population Health Analytics

What we offer

Consonansys specialist will support your business with innovation that resolves your data management issues today and helps you move into the future healthcare business requirement. Our solutions contribute to better patient care and optimal use of data in clinical decision-making. The repository of data you hold is put to life to provide tomorrow’s healthcare solutions today.

We support your business to explore combination of technologies to use that in your own healthcare platforms in process of reinvention to the next steps in the healthcare using multiple new information layers such as Social profiles, location quantified self-data, health data sensor network and internet of things to build an intelligent analytics enabling to build a robust decision making systems.

Our services in this segment will deliver:

  1. Integrated Healthcare IT solutions improve patient safety, and automate workflows throughout healthcare systems.
  2. Medical device connectivity solutions integrations with healthcare IT solutions helps improve centralized monitoring and real-time data analysis.
  3. Advanced planning (short and long term) solutions help reduce operating costs, and manpower efficiencies, capability increases.
  4. Next generation asset management solutions to improve the performance of assets through preventive and predictive maintenance.
  5. Integrated supply chain help reduce the TAT, develop a balance between inventory and service, supplier performance monitoring, traceability of return goods.
  6. Big data systems to strengthen business performance, support decision-making, create competitive advantage and improve customer engagement.

Our Services Include

  1. Consulting Services
  2. Application Development Services
  3. Application Support & Maintenance Services
  4. Mobile Application Development Services
  5. Big Data Implementation Services
  6. Solution Implementation Services
  7. Infrastructure Services
  8. Program Management

Key Differentiators

  1. Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading several transformation projects across the globe, where business solutions were implemented ranging from 100 to 500 locations, on every project.
  2. Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading product development, wherein product was put in use for around 2000 + customers.
  3. Consultants with relevant industry experience go through a structured training for carrying out the consulting and technical work on their respective areas.