Program Management

Program Management

We look at program management as an art of directing the resources to achieve the targeted milestone.It is the people who matters the most for the successful execution of the program. Setting a right forum at the initial stage of the program to break the ice is key to build the relationship between the resources. This is applicable for both vendor as well as customer. Then, setting the rule of game with the key stakeholders on how to deal with attributing delays caused on project milestones and communicating tasks pending between the parties. In general, it becomes sensitive as you move forward in the project. Then, it is change management. Irrespective of any business, when it comes to change, there will a resistance. It is necessary to build a process to involve the key stakeholders at the beginning of the program and then involve the other stakeholders at right time in the process and create awareness about the program and its benefits for the business.

It starts with detailing the scope of work – finalizing detailed project plan – identifying the right members to focus on each area – defining roles and responsibilities for all the team members – making the team understand the scope of work – making your team to understand the benefit for customer – making your team adhere to the standard processes – creating transparency culture – making your team to understand the major milestones – making your leaders understand to keep all key decisions in writing – continuous improvement of the processes – continuous auditing of the processes – continuous monitoring of the program status & risks with key stake holders & sponsor – creating awareness about program to organization – continuous fun at work.

We ensure that plans, project documentations, risk / issues, quality and cost are managed in controlled manner.

a) We conduct formal reviews with key stakeholders to ensure that executive leaders are closely involved.

b) We work with all the stakeholders as “One team One Goal” approach.

We provide highly experienced project managers, subject matter experts, consultants, trainers to complete the task on-time, within the budget and in good quality.

 We provide templates for project documentation and governance.

 We provide training on program management.

 We provide quality audit as a service.

a) Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading several transformation projects across the globe, where business solutions were implemented ranging from 100 to 500 locations, on every project.

b) Consultants in our organization with relevant industry experience go through a structured training for carrying out the consulting and technical work on their respective areas.