RFID tagged assets or Employee ID Card paves way to offer multiple services for an organization

RFID solution is famous in certain areas such as smart buildings where all assets are tracked and monitored by RFID, employee ID card associated with RFID paves way for more services, smart inventory where all the items or boxes or containers are tracked and monitored by RFID, smart parking where all parking lots tracked by RFID to auto update the slots availability details, smart air baggage where bags tracked by RFID routed automatically to specific belt and so on. However, the potential of RFID solutions has not been fully utilized.

Consonansys offers RFID solution which includes RFID Tags, RFID Readers, RFID Reader Antennas.

Consonansys offers RFID solution that holds proven track records in the market for more than 20 years for several customers.

We work closely with our clients and help them tag RFID tags on items and enroll the items on software with RFID tag number and implement the RFID solution.

With all our experience in implementing RFID solution for various customers across geographies we understand the intricacies in implementing it. In general, the effectiveness of implementation depends on the compatibility of RFID tag with items, liquid gel used for fixing the RFID tags on items, fixing of RFID tags on items and automatic de-tagging of RFID on usage, etc. It is our learning in this area which made us expert in implementing the RFID solution.

We look forward for customers who wants to thrive in the digital world which brings about several opportunities to grow.

Our RFID Solution includes

  1. RFID Tags
  2. RFID Readers
  3. RFID Reader Antennas
  4. Security

Key Differentiators

  1. Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading several transformation projects across the globe, where business solutions were implemented ranging from 100 to 500 locations, on every project. . .
  2. Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading product development, wherein product was put in use for around 2000 + customers.
  3. Consultants with relevant industry experience go through a structured training for carrying out the consulting and technical work on their respective areas.