Big Data Implementation

While the market conditions suggest that there is a lowered barrier to entry for implementing big data solutions, it does not mean that implementing these technologies and business processes is a completely straight forward task. First, the organization should be able to get aligned into new and emerging technologies, the organization should be data-centric, the organization should be able to define a quantifiable value, the organization should be able to integrate the surrounding applications with big data technologies.

The first in the process is to study and understand the data in the context of organization business drivers to adopt an appropriate strategy as a prelude to deploy a right big data technology. Then, after having a workshop with business users, establish the value proposition, develop the blueprint, roadmaps, and program plan. Then, we prepare value matrix, use cases, functional, technical & integration specifications. Then, prepare the data environment with massive scalability. Then, we break-down the requirements into smaller trackable line items and prepare the plan and derive the schedule. Then, we perform the application development using API or ETL integration, data storage with NOSQL, Analytics with Hadoop / MapReduce open-source software and presentation into Web browsers, Mobile services and Web services. Then, we perform testing, prepare user manuals, technical manuals and release it for use. And provide support for the released application.

We develop application in fast pace and deliver with high quality at a relatively low investment cost. And we follow agile delivery practices with formal reviews with key stakeholders to ensure that executive leaders are closely involved.

Our services include:

a) Implementation of Big Data Technology.

b) Application Design &Development.

c) Application Testing .

We provide highly experienced project managers, subject matter experts, consultants, trainers, test engineers to complete the task on-time, within the budget and in good quality.

We provide templates for testing project documentation and governance.

We provide training on program management.

a) Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading product development, wherein product was put in use for around 2000 + customers.

b) Consultants with relevant industry experience go through a structured training for carrying out the consulting and technical work on their respective areas.