Editing makes the document complete. In short it is to make the content precise, make the content look impactful to the reader or audience, make the content flows in structured manner and consistent. And it also makes sure that content focus on one subject and does not deviate from the topic, content does not deviate from the core message, content running into pages with too many bulletin points are converted into groups, stronger points that add value to the reader or audience are kept and others are removed, points are kept with one example and not many, etc. So, as a service provider, it is to keep the content simple and clear for the audience.

The first in the process is to understand the volume of work and estimate the time to be taken for the completion of work and communication it to client for getting their acceptance. Then, enable track changes and complete the proof reading as per plan.

Then, carry out the testing and check whether the content is readable, animation is perfect from the perspective of eye-flow of the audience, user flow is perfect, able to understand the points you were trying to make, and whether it will add value to audience. Thereafter, fix all the points noted as part of your testing and refine the content and release it to client.

Our sub-services include:

a) Read document and enhance the organization, structure, flow, style, and presentation of the text.

b) Rephrase; rewrite; delete or add text; modify words; and rearrange words, sentences, or even paragraphs.

c) Make the language structurally robust and syntactically accurate.

d) Edit for audience appropriateness, tonality, theme, mood, and flow of the story.

e) Exhaustive checks and corrections.

f) Review the content using the checklist.

g) Refine the content based on the points identified during the content review.

a) Leaders in our organization has around 20+ years of experience leading content development.

b) Thorough review process set for the Editing ensures a great quality in the output.