Talent Supply

It is important for service provider to pin-point the recruiting channel depending upon the nature of the requirement. This would create the recruitment process more fast and effective. In addition, it is also about how the organization deal with the candidates. A quick response needs to be given to interested candidates and help them to move towards the process from initial stage to final recruitment. Recruitment process should clearly articulate the recruitment channel, interview process, who will present the offer and when will the offer be presented, etc.

The first step in the process is to understand the demandfrom an organization, clarify on the business strategy,and define recruitment strategy and recruitment processto fulfil the need. Then, execute the recruitment process and supply the demand.

Our sub-services include:

a) Recruitment Strategy.

b) Talent Recruitment.

c) Talent On-boarding.

d) Talent Retention.

We provide highly experienced project managers, subject matter experts, consultants, trainers to complete the task on-time, within the budget and in good quality.

a) Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading several transformation projects across the globe, where business solutions were implemented ranging from 100 to 500 locations, on every project.

b) Consultants with relevant industry experience go through a structured training for carrying out the consulting and technical work on their respective areas.