Template Conversion

Template conversion is necessary to keep improving your presentation and refining the PowerPoint presentation to high end presentation. And migrating the data from word or excel or any other files into PowerPoint Presentation format makes the life easier for the reader. So, as a service provider, it is important to build a best presentation which makes the audience to stay focused and helps the customers to be successful in their business.

The first in the process is to study and understand the file format, then understand the kind of audience who will attend the presentation which would help to define the content structure, then assess the areas where content creation requires graphics, animation, etc. Then, estimate the time to be taken for the migration of content into PowerPoint Presentation and communication to client and get their acceptance.

Then, develop the content in PowerPoint format as per plan. Then, carry out the testing and check whether the content is readable, user flow is perfect, able to understand the points you were trying to make, and whether it will add value to audience. Thereafter, fix all the points noted as part of your testing and refine the content and release it to client.

Our sub-services include:

a) Convert PowerPoint Presentation: Convert PowerPoint presentations from one template to another. And transfer contents from word documents and excel files into a PowerPoint presentation.

b) Content review: Review the content using the checklist.

c) Refine: Refine the content based on the points identified during the content review.

a) Leaders in our organization have more than 20+ years of experience leading business presentation services.

b) Thorough review process set for carrying out the review in the business presentations processes ensures a great quality in the deliverables.