Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Any business need a best talent for the right job. But, it is not the case when you look at any companies. This does not mean you don’t have right talent in the market. It is because of the method followed to search and identify the right talent for a job from the market. Social media is the platform for hiring the talents for business from the market. Now-a-days, all buyers need a service provider to find and attract a right resource for the job. Consonansys partner with customers to offer best talents to meet their organization needs and exact job requirements. Our strong process to select the right candidates enable our customers to better utilize their time to interview the best candidates.

Anyone not leveraging the social media is behind

Without a right resource with right mix of knowledge, skills and attitude, any organization will lack competitive spirit, agility, ability to innovate, and perform tasks efficiently. Ever company has a goal to right at first i.e. recruit the right employees for the right job to meet the current and future organization needs. Therefore, organization need a right approach to deal with the talent acquisition.

  1. Right talents in the best position to foster the culture of agility and ability to innovate.

  2. By working closely with organization like an extended organization, supply of resources will be in fast track mode. .

  3. Our standard processes will ensure consistencies in the talent acquisition.

  4. Our monitoring of key metrics – Lead time to fill, applicant to hire ratio, offer to acceptance ratio, will be kept transparent.

Our services include: