Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Workforce Management solution automates the administration of workforce and provides accurate time tracking of employees.

Workforce management solution tracks attendance, tracks time against tasks, projects, work orders, etc., tracks time against customers, tracks time to send to billing, etc. It adds lot of value to the organization as it is very closed tied to day-to-day operations. It makes the manager to utilize the resources effectively and reduce overtime effort. Workforce management solution is applicable for any type of industry which manages more than 100 employees.

Workforce management solution streamlines the business process and improves the compliance, improves employee productivity, improves customer satisfaction, etc. and most of all brings cost savings. As part of planning and scheduling, it brings improvement in managing workforce (e.g. absenteeism), scheduling process (e.g. work load balance between employee and demand, schedule adherence, manager shift scheduling, rotating shift management, etc.), budgeting process, forecasting (e.g. requirements for next 1 year or less), workforce planning (e.g. plan for next 1 year or more), etc.

Consonansys offers workforce management products that holds proven track records in the market for more than 20 years for several customers across multiple industry verticals and offers solution for the organization of all sizes looking to improve their operational efficiency by improving their business processes and administration.

As part of Workforce Management product, we also offer mobile apps for all the key areas. As we grow in the market, we have a plan to offer end-to-end Workforce Management solutions on mobile.

Our strong business analytics system provides management the integrated view of business processes for faster and more effective decision-making.

We work closely with our clients and help them map the business processes of their organization to Workforce Management standard processes and implement Workforce Management to connect all the business processes and make the organization to communicate in a seamless manner.

With all our experience in implementing Workforce Management solutions for various customers across geographies we know that it is customer’s management team involvement in the project makes the project to progress as per timeline and this is a top most critical success factor for the successful implementation of Workforce Management project.

We look forward for customers who wants to thrive in the digital world which brings about several opportunities to grow.

Our Workforce Management Solutions includes

  1. Time and Attendance
  2. Absent Management
  3. Leave Management
  4. Task Management
  5. Workforce Forecasting
  6. Workforce Planning
  7. Workforce Budgeting
  8. Workforce Scheduling
  9. Payroll / Projects / CRM / Procurment Integration
  10. Mobile Access
  11. Biometric
  12. Workflow
  13. Analytics
  14. Security

Key Differentiators

  1. Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading several transformation projects across the globe, where business solutions were implemented ranging from 100 to 500 locations, on every project. . .
  2. Leaders in our organization has got tremendous amount of experience leading product development, wherein product was put in use for around 2000 + customers.
  3. Consultants with relevant industry experience go through a structured training for carrying out the consulting and technical work on their respective areas.